A Picture Tells a Thousand Words - Our Pictures Add the Eloquence

Landscape and Visual solutions for challenging projects.......

Macro Works has been the premier provider of visual impact analysis and graphics to the Irish wind industry since 1999. We have significantly aided in the environmental impact requirement for numerous domestic and international wind developments. Macro Works operates to the highest international standards and offers both the experience and expertise to optimise the landscape and visual impacts of wind energy proposals. This know-how is supported by innovative mapping and visualisation tools ensuring that the issues are clearly and effectively communicated to all stakeholders.

Macro Works has the team, the hardware and the know-how to deliver exceptional quality photographic imagery from precise locations for use in Planning Documentation, Environmental Reports and Research, Site Inspections and Public Relations Material. See our extensive range of hardware solutions to deliver the images that others simply can't.

Having delivered effective mapping solutions to some of Ireland's State and Semi-State bodies and acted as GIS consultant to some of Ireland's top Environmental consultancies, Macro Works meets its clients' mapping and analysis requirements with both clarity and insight. Macro Works will gladly act as partner or consultant to any company or project requiring a mapping or GIS solution.

Macro Works specialises in 3D architectural modelling and the compilation of panoramic photo-visualisations. These views have the advantage of allowing large construction schemes to be simulated in their entirety from close viewpoints and demonstrate their full environmental context. Add to this, landscape plans simulated over time using real vegetation and you will be able to witness the maturing of the entire development site as it was planned.

With the significant experience gained from over a decade of visual consultancy to the wind industry, Macro Works has developed a number of unique tools and processes to (a) Improve the visual aesthetic and thus the acceptability of a wind farm proposal, and (b) Reduce its perceived visual impact on the surrounding landscape. Save the significant time and expense of altering turbine layouts - we can help to get it right first time.